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Trauma-informed Design Consultants Announces a New Collaboration with Wrexham University to Pioneer Trauma-Informed Campus Environments

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Charlotte, VT, January 23, 2024 — Trauma-informed Design Consultants (TiDCo) proudly announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Wrexham University (WU) to spearhead the development of a Trauma-informed Design evaluation tool tailored for higher education campuses. This initiative, a pivotal element of WU's TRACE project, is set to make Wrexham University the first Trauma and ACE (TRACE) informed university in the United Kingdom. 

TiDCo specializes in integrating trauma-informed care principles into design. Rooted in the guidelines established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), our approach aims to create spaces that prioritize safety, healing, and empowerment. As leaders in global trauma-informed design, the team combines empathy with evidence-based practices to tailor each project to the unique needs of users, anticipating and addressing potential triggers while maximizing choice and fostering a safe environment.

A Vision for Inclusive Campus Environments: In alignment with WU's commitment to driving excellence, TiDCo joins forces with the university to foster a holistic understanding of trauma and adverse childhood experiences. WU, with support from the Welsh Government-funded and Public Health Wales-hosted ACE Hub Wales, aims to create an environment where everyone within the university community can progress, thrive, and feel treated with kindness, compassion, and respect.

Transformative Trauma-Informed Approach: WU, a public research university in the north-east of Wales, recognizes that becoming TRACE-informed goes beyond treating symptoms; it's about developing a fundamental approach acknowledging the possibility of adversity and trauma for everyone. This aligns seamlessly with WU's ongoing social inclusion work, a strong commitment to mental health and wellbeing, and a drive to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects, a key priority of their civic mission partnership strategy.

Award-Winning Trauma-Informed Design Expertise: TiDCo's collaboration with WU builds on the success of their award-winning Trauma-informed Design Evaluation Tool for K-12 Schools (TiDEvalK12). This evidence-based tool, developed by key members of TiDCo and the Trauma-informed Design Society, is recognized by the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) with a Certification of Research Excellence award and has been instrumental in guiding design renovations and new builds in elementary and secondary schools across the United States.

Addressing Higher Education Campus Needs: With the Campus 2025 initiative underway at WU, recognizing the impact of physical spaces on perceptions, stress levels, and emotional regulation, TiDCo is developing a trauma-informed design evaluation tool tailored for higher education campuses. Grounded in Substance and Mental Health Services Administration's guidance for a trauma-informed approach and the Trauma-informed Design Society's framework, this tool aims to identify changes that can enhance the well-being of students and staff.

Global Impact and Children's University Partnership: Beyond higher education, TiDCo's collaboration with WU extends to global reach. As part of WU's management of the North Wales Children's University (CU) pilot program, TiDCo will train staff at 2 elementary-level schools in the use of TiDEvalK12. This initiative empowers educators to conduct physical environment assessments, promoting the principles of trauma-informed design and facilitating structural improvements.

Fostering Communication and Bridging the Gap: The collaboration emphasizes the importance of design evaluation tools in fostering communication between educators, students, and designers. The tool provides a common language to understand the relationship between spatial design and student experiences, facilitating a greater insight into the needs of the university from each perspective.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Janet Roche

Co-Owner, Trauma-informed Design Consultants



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